Cactus land

Hey hey! I am finally back online for new updates on lifedevivi, It has been a super hectic month because I officially moved from WA to TX💁🏻 Long drive? Yes, for someone who has never been to a road trip before, it was an interesting experience lol.

I spent about a week on the road and drove about 6-7 hours per day on average, the first day was unbelievable, 9 hours straight from Seattle, WA to Redding, CA! 🤣 Hahaha I know guys, I’m very greedy and thought I could make it alive, which I barely did…..

We decided to spend a day in Phoenix during this trip since I have been obsessed with cactus and other tropical dessert plants. I knew Phoenix is a hot place but I underestimated the intensity, it was H-A-W-T. The whole day I was looking for shades with my doggies 😂 and crazy crave for water…

Yelp led me to this cute restaurant called ‘The Dressing Room‘. Despite how much I wanted to sit inside with cool AC, we had to sit outside on the patio because of our dogs, gladly the staff was so friendly and did whatever they can to cool us down. Fresh food and cocktails, great happy hour price! 🙌🏻 Check them out if you’re around Phoenix (@thedressingroomphx).

My goal in this town was to take photos with a gigantic cactus 🌵😎 (If I could bring you home to my backyard, I swear I would lol)

Love at first sight at this tropical midi shirt dress from Zara!

☝🏻 aren’t my babes so photogenic?





Summa gingham

Cheers from a sunny Monday! I just came back home from my trip from LA & Austin, more outfits from my travel will be up on this blog in following weeks so please stay tune 👄

Candy pink gingham off shoulder top is LOVE! You can wear it with any denim skirts/pants, it just makes you pop out.

Featured items:


fashionably late in spring

Goodbye February, it has been a hectic month and things are going smoother, March can you get warmer soon? 🔥 I see myself talk about the rain & the sun a lot… is it a Seattleite thing? lol

Every clothing stores have changed to thin layered and blooming prints, while the coldness and rain in here don’t allow me to join the hype😣 I’m still bundling up myself every day and have my utility coats prepared. It’s hard to carry my usual bracelets and rings from all the thick layers…

This early spring I’m so happy to wear this unique watch on my wrist to help me to stay chic and on time for all my out and about. It is my first ever wood watch and I could not believe how beautiful and classy it looks.

It’s the Ebony & Gold model from JORD watch.  Bold dark wood and gold design, minimalistic style watches is always my thing. It gives a sophisticated and simple look, a perfect addition to my daily outfits.

JORD’s packaging is posting a strong presence for their wood watches, everything made out of wood – a fitting box. A well-designed box can present how much a brand respect their watches and its passion for delivering the best to me, as a supporter.

Do you realize I’m trying to sneak my corgi phone case up there?  This is my current obsessed accessory 😜🐶 And no joke, if you own a corgi and live around Seattle, we are definitely having a coffee! Don’t hesitate to dm or inbox or anything 😂

It goes well with anything, whether I’m wearing a velvet olive long dress, black leather jacket, any colored sweaters, denim… still can put them off! ❤️

I’m the kind of person who is never on time, honestly speaking, losing track of time is my weakness. Scientific data found out people who are usually slightly late are the most optimistic. YES, I AM! 😂 It is the most accurate finding ever, my hands and legs are all up.

BUT! This is something I’m working on, there are events that I cannot be late in life. HAHA! Trying out a lot of different time management apps on my phone and my habit of being late is improving, I think? 😁

Thank you so much to JORD watch for giving me this beautifully crafted women’s watch!💋 Gentlemen, you deserve to own one cool watch as well.. JORD offers men’s watch of course.

One last thing, y’all beautifuls wanna win an exclusive JORD watch? Simply click here.

The winner will receive a $100 e-gift code and all other entrants will receive a $25 consolation e-gift code! 💜 How amazing is that?



Lace + flowers can never go wrong


It’s Vivi’s first time having photoshoot in a home studio! Planning to have a photo studio at my own house at the future, I’ve never had an idea of how to set things up and what are the necessary equipments to buy. After I asked my photographer, I have to reconsider this idea because everything is SO expensive. LOL🤔 But! What can I do? Working at home would be my goal. hehe


My first experience about modeling in a photo studio is.. Lighting could be very tricky. You have to get used to the lighting and make use of the plain background since the focus would be solely on YOU. Been used to taking photos with different street backgrounds, having a plain wall at the back made me feel very excited. HAHA! I’ve always dream of taking editorial style photos for my blog because they look so sophisticated ☺️


^ My bangs have been growing fast and reaching to an odd length. 😂 I can’t put it left or right side because it’s not long enough but it’s poking my eyes hard. Vivian, you should have thought about this coming when you cut your bangs. So careless…. Now I’m on my way to figure out a way to not look awkward while growing it back out. Any suggestions? Beanie? 💂‍

These rose are absolutely beautiful! Very mellow and feminine. 💋


Laces clothing always goes so well with flowers, perfect combo for girls. It’s a perfect daytime party dressing to me. 😻 This dress in particular, not over-revealing because you can add layers under the dress however you want and yet, still come out very light and pretty.


For a petite size like me, this dress is right at my knee so it’s a perfect dress length, for girls who are 5’5 or taller, I believe you might find this dress too short and have to wearing legging or shorts underneath. (I’m 5’2) 😊



New Tell Tale Lace Minidress by Free people

Temperature is going to drop VERY SOON. ❄️ Don’t forget to stay warm and keep a chunky coat in your cars everyone! 😘


Saint Helen’s vibe matches mine

Happy Blackfriday ladies and gen! I hope all of you had a wondering gathering dinner with fam and caught some great deals shopping. For me, big sale doesn’t excite me as much as before because when you want that thing so much, you’ll buy it no matter what price.. right? 😎 #moneyspender #bigsaleisstillcool

Last weekend I paid a visit to Saint Helen’s Cafe near UW Village, I have been longing to try this cute cafe out for a long time! 😉 It’s surprising that I used to hang out at UW Village all the time and never noticed this place… it was right across the village. Weather was pretty bad so I forgot to take a picture at the outside hehe.


Inside this place everything was on point. Especially the velvet seat, I’m absolutely in love, it just POPPED UP!



I was taking a good old 10 mins just to take a perfect picture on the table LOL. I believe a lot of you could relate to this, my friend sitting across me was crossing her arms the whole time …so impatient 😂


This cheese plate definitely deserves a close up shot. See how beautiful it looks? The jam, the apricot, the cheese…. Everything combined as a perfect picture. 😋 And of course, this tasted so good too. Blue cheese always has my heart.


This little marble table on the side tho. Server knew I was going non-stop photo shooting.. so she gave me this beautiful marble side table to put my camera on the big table. How accommodating ? 💋 Should I get this for my room?


Me as a happy foodie right there having my favorite garlic fries. 😁🍟


The entrance way was also very captivating. I love every furnitures in here. So modern and elegant…  😻

I recommend this cute cafe to anyone who loves having a nice conversation with friends, along with drinks and chill ambiance for sure.