My first eyelash extension in Austin! πŸ‘€

1 more day until the weekend…. What does it mean? It’s almost time to dress up too much and look pretty for the weekend!Β πŸ˜‚Β I got you girl, being a woman is extremely expensive and time-consuming, men would never understand why do we need at least an hour to get ready for the date night. Little FYI, 30 minutes go to deciding what to wear and the other half go to actual makeup and hair setup.

Anyways! Back to what I wanna share about today, I got my first ever eyelash extension. I know it might be considered late for a soon to be 23 years old girl to get her first experience while I don’t even know how to put on false eyelashes still…. forgive me, ladies…The reason why I decided to get it? Curiosity. Haha! I discovered Sakie from Lash ElegantΒ via yelp and she replied me super fast about my newbie questions 😜 So after application, they will fall out little by little for 2-3 weeks, then you’ll either remove or refill them!

Sakie has her own home studio! Super clean, comfy and relaxing. The whole process took about an hour. She offers 3 types of eyelash extension: Natural, Elegant and Glam. Other than extension, she can also help you with eyelash perm if you already have thick and long eyelashes!

After extension:

Very natural looking! I’m not applying any eyeliner and already ready to go out, if you’re around Austin area and looking for a great eyelash extension place, I’ll recommend Sakie for sure. Reach her via Yelp or text (512)915-2393 ❀️




Floral Choker Blouse

Hi everyone! Are you ready for the yearly shopping breeze season? Happy early thanksgiving! πŸ’‹

I just finished typing this post then network was being shitty so I lost everything. Lol… things happen right? I bet all of you know how this feels.


Good news first of all! Vivian has finally received her work visa after a LONG wait and hassles. It has been 4-5 months which has driven me nuts over times because they could easily not approve to me. But long story short! Good things come slow and worth the wait so here I am, all ready to kick some ass and be happy πŸ˜‡


Do i have exact jobs that I want to purse? Hmm can’t tell.Β I have big dreams and never want a 9-5 career. With me saying this, it doesn’t mean I’m not open to opportunities. I’m very curious and excited about what’s gonna be my first official job πŸ˜‰πŸ™ŒΒ  Growing up wanting to be a film director.. then fashion buyer.. Vivian loves a lot of things in life and this never changes hehe.


Recently I’m very into floral blouses under the influence of KRAMA. There is a drama called ‘Doctors’ played by Park Shin Hye and she wore gorgeous floral fashion items on set, which caught all my attention! 🌺🌺 They’re so elegant and lady-like.. irresistible!

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