Affordable Corset Belt Pick

Feeling too plain just wearing your shirt, blazer or coat outside in this fall weather? Let’s add a little something to your outfit to freshen it up. Corset belt is definitely one of the biggest trends this year, and I have picked 6 of them at an affordable price for you guys😉💙

  1. Top Shop Lace-Up Faux Leather Corset
  2. Free People Talula Floral Corset Belt 

  3. Josie Belt Black  
  4.  Intermix Nude Leather Waist Belt
  5. Topshop Faux Leather Obi Wrap Belt
  6. BCBG Whipstitch Faux-Leather Waist Belt



My first eyelash extension in Austin! 👀

1 more day until the weekend…. What does it mean? It’s almost time to dress up too much and look pretty for the weekend! 😂 I got you girl, being a woman is extremely expensive and time-consuming, men would never understand why do we need at least an hour to get ready for the date night. Little FYI, 30 minutes go to deciding what to wear and the other half go to actual makeup and hair setup.

Anyways! Back to what I wanna share about today, I got my first ever eyelash extension. I know it might be considered late for a soon to be 23 years old girl to get her first experience while I don’t even know how to put on false eyelashes still…. forgive me, ladies…The reason why I decided to get it? Curiosity. Haha! I discovered Sakie from Lash Elegant via yelp and she replied me super fast about my newbie questions 😜 So after application, they will fall out little by little for 2-3 weeks, then you’ll either remove or refill them!

Sakie has her own home studio! Super clean, comfy and relaxing. The whole process took about an hour. She offers 3 types of eyelash extension: Natural, Elegant and Glam. Other than extension, she can also help you with eyelash perm if you already have thick and long eyelashes!

After extension:

Very natural looking! I’m not applying any eyeliner and already ready to go out, if you’re around Austin area and looking for a great eyelash extension place, I’ll recommend Sakie for sure. Reach her via Yelp or text (512)915-2393 ❤️




Launderette Austin

Austin is one of the best cities? Yessss you heard that right❤️ In fact I’m soo in love with this place, the people, the food, the fashion and one very crucial factor, the traffic. LOL!

Growing up back in Hong Kong, traffic is no joke and I just take the subway to go everywhere I wanted. While I get to drive in Seattle, it was not so bad for the first year, then I could feel more and more people are moving to work in Seattle, where it gets to a point the traffic is almost comparable to LA. 🤔 Driving in Austin is another story, sure, traffic exists but it’s understandable, you won’t get angry at all, and people DON’T HONK. How nice?

Everywhere is highway since Texas is gigantic but me likey, cuz then I can drive fast all the time🤣 hehehe, speed up speed up. Yelp and IG are definitely my guides to every intagrammable food spots, I was so lucky to come across to Launderette!

Outdoor seatings are already sooo pretty and the interior just wowed me on cloud 9. (left photo is from citygrammag because I decided to sip outside lol)

I know, I know, it looks like Pinterest cafes. The whole vibe of this spot is just inviting and amazing, color combo in the patio is the goal! 😍

What did I order first? Cocktail, because it solves everything. 😚 The food and drink here are worth it too, it’s not just about the looks….. I can be your trustworthy source when it comes to taste. The deviled eggs are so delicious!

Satisfied! 🤗

Waited until everyone’s gone in this patio so I could have some private moment…. muahahah!

I might look things are at ease and chill, deep down I’m sweating in my soul. 😂 it was over 100F and I sat outside, the Texas heat was hitting me real hard. Hate it and love it.

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