Flip that silky hair 💁🏻

Whether you have a habit of dying your hair or not, it’s essential to keep your hair nurtured and protected. I’ve had quite a roller coaster of experience of coloring my hair, while my preference constantly changes, I’d ignore my hair condition and went for the color that I want.

I bleached a couple times last year to blonde and went to back to black in approximately 4 months, it was a painful experience to my fine hair and I still remember when I used to see a bunch of broken hair after I crumb my hair. If you have extremely fine hair, I suggest you take it slow and gently go light, don’t want you to regret like I did🤣

Luckily, I came across to Good Virtues Co’s hair products, their Healthy Hair Shampoo and Conditioner are amazing!


Their products only use organic ingredients and heavily infused with Black Seed Oil. It makes my hair shiny and thicker than before, also repaired my occasional broken hair problem… now I can crumb my hair without tearing up. LOL!

It’s for all hair types so obviously it’s made for each of you❤️ Good Virtues Co. became my daily shampoo & conditioner, it’s doing promotion on Amazon so, with only $17.2 you can purchase the whole set. 🤘🏻

Why not give it a try if you’re looking to switch your daily shampoo & conditioner?