New York state of mind

3 weeks in 2018 and your girl just came back from a trip to NYC! (yay it was my first time and I grew up watching so many movies filmed in New York so I felt like a little girl again).

I struggled so much with traveling in winter weather and it’s a pain when you wanna bring 10+ outfits but your suitcase said NO. 😂 New York was just as I imagined it should be! It’s busy 24/7, people dressed like magazines, cute bars and restaurants everywhere, any corners could be a good spot for a photoshoot.

I believe you could relate to this: when it’s so cold outside and you have zero intention to go out, we decided to wake up early and explore the city during day time ONLY. At night we stayed in cozy Airbnb then order GrubHub lol! But seriously, when you’re living in central NYC there’s nothing they can’t deliver to your door, we had legit sushi, chirashi, korean pancakes etc. 😌

More pics from this trip will be up on the blog soon!



Palm Springs hotel tour

Palm Spring has always been on my travel list and making it there this past summer for the first time was amazing💗 It was 2 hours away from LA and extremely hot, the moment I got out of the car I wanted to jump back in lol…

YES! The legendary Saguaro Hotel. This place was a dream spot to me and I couldn’t believe I saw it with my own eyes😚 Look at the colors and 70s vibe… Lovin’ it!

I could stay there all day tanning with my mojitos, all set!

After spending some good time in Saguaro I headed to find the famous PINK DOOR only about 5 mins away from the hotel… did not disappoint.

It was a 2 mins photoshoot because my makeup was literally melting. I have never sweat this much before 😆

Sneak peak of my part 2 in Ace Hotel 💋…… be continued

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Cactus land

Hey hey! I am finally back online for new updates on lifedevivi, It has been a super hectic month because I officially moved from WA to TX💁🏻 Long drive? Yes, for someone who has never been to a road trip before, it was an interesting experience lol.

I spent about a week on the road and drove about 6-7 hours per day on average, the first day was unbelievable, 9 hours straight from Seattle, WA to Redding, CA! 🤣 Hahaha I know guys, I’m very greedy and thought I could make it alive, which I barely did…..

We decided to spend a day in Phoenix during this trip since I have been obsessed with cactus and other tropical dessert plants. I knew Phoenix is a hot place but I underestimated the intensity, it was H-A-W-T. The whole day I was looking for shades with my doggies 😂 and crazy crave for water…

Yelp led me to this cute restaurant called ‘The Dressing Room‘. Despite how much I wanted to sit inside with cool AC, we had to sit outside on the patio because of our dogs, gladly the staff was so friendly and did whatever they can to cool us down. Fresh food and cocktails, great happy hour price! 🙌🏻 Check them out if you’re around Phoenix (@thedressingroomphx).

My goal in this town was to take photos with a gigantic cactus 🌵😎 (If I could bring you home to my backyard, I swear I would lol)

Love at first sight at this tropical midi shirt dress from Zara!

☝🏻 aren’t my babes so photogenic?





5 must have apps for the ladies

Happy Friday everyone🍹 From now, I’m going to share more content on my blog, other than fashion and food which I care A LOT about, I want to remind myself that my initial purpose of creating lifedevivi is to make a meaningful website. So…. here we go! A lot of times we download apps on our phone from word of mouth because reviews on the app store are not very… reliable.

As a blogger, I’m on my phone 24/7 and not because I’m texting all the time, my iPhone is basically my manager in a lot of times. Here are 5 essentials apps I think every lady should be using on their phones:

  1. Stash Invest

    For those who are new to investing, like me, this app is perfect for micro-investment. I personally know nothing about stocks and this app has changed my life. We don’t wanna go big when we don’t know the game, it only takes $5 to start and you can schedule it daily/bi-weekly/monthly. It has different plans for you and I suggest ‘moderate’ is great for young people to begin their journey. Great interface, it also has articles for you to learn more about current stocks market. 😉

  2. Poshmark / Mercari

    I’m pretty sure a lot of online shoppers would be familiar with these apps. These two apps have the same function and you can sell whatever you want in there, mostly clothes/shoes/cosmetics/electronics etc. The differences between these and offerup and le-go is they are for shipping only. Poshmark takes 20% commission while Mercari takes 10%. It’s awesome to make some extra cash on things you don’t wear or use anymore. I sell on both apps and the sales have been fantastic the past few weeks, almost sold out all of my summer outfits. Check out my Poshmark & Mercari @kwyvivi (same account name)!

  3. Clue

    Super super useful ladies.. this app is a game changer. Before I get to know this app, I never know exactly when will my period comes and gets paranoid over time. It documents all the data I input, predict your next period and ovulation date, SUPER ACCURATE. So you can get prepared (and let your better half know there will be PMS lol). It’s also fun to use because you can choose different categories to put data with, your mood, energy level, pain level etc.

  4. Mint

    I have downloaded and tried a lot of personal finance apps before and this is the only one stayed on my phone, now you know how practical and user-friendly it is (Vivi is not good with complicated design). It helps you keep track of your finance, budgeting and pay your bills. Remember the times when you are charged with unnecessary bank fees and late payments, this app will help you get rid of these issues. Also, it feels great that it gives you a much better idea of how to manage your financial status, and learn how to improve it. I used to ignore how I spent my money back then, things were messy. Girls, keep your credit score and chin high…😎

  5.  Venmo

    I’m kinda late when it comes to know Venmo’s existence.  Not everyone has Paypal and Venmo is like its sibling. It’s perfect for splitting bills and share payment. The one thing Venmo might out win Paypal is fees, it charges absolutely nothing and very efficient. Paypal is more on the business side where you buy things online and pay thru it, while Venmo is for splitting bills with people, e.g. when you forgot your wallet😂.


what chu waiting for? go to the app store now….😝 😘



Launderette Austin

Austin is one of the best cities? Yessss you heard that right❤️ In fact I’m soo in love with this place, the people, the food, the fashion and one very crucial factor, the traffic. LOL!

Growing up back in Hong Kong, traffic is no joke and I just take the subway to go everywhere I wanted. While I get to drive in Seattle, it was not so bad for the first year, then I could feel more and more people are moving to work in Seattle, where it gets to a point the traffic is almost comparable to LA. 🤔 Driving in Austin is another story, sure, traffic exists but it’s understandable, you won’t get angry at all, and people DON’T HONK. How nice?

Everywhere is highway since Texas is gigantic but me likey, cuz then I can drive fast all the time🤣 hehehe, speed up speed up. Yelp and IG are definitely my guides to every intagrammable food spots, I was so lucky to come across to Launderette!

Outdoor seatings are already sooo pretty and the interior just wowed me on cloud 9. (left photo is from citygrammag because I decided to sip outside lol)

I know, I know, it looks like Pinterest cafes. The whole vibe of this spot is just inviting and amazing, color combo in the patio is the goal! 😍

What did I order first? Cocktail, because it solves everything. 😚 The food and drink here are worth it too, it’s not just about the looks….. I can be your trustworthy source when it comes to taste. The deviled eggs are so delicious!

Satisfied! 🤗

Waited until everyone’s gone in this patio so I could have some private moment…. muahahah!

I might look things are at ease and chill, deep down I’m sweating in my soul. 😂 it was over 100F and I sat outside, the Texas heat was hitting me real hard. Hate it and love it.

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