Fashion w/ Lea

It has been few weeks in for my photography project. Lately, I spend countless hours studying famous photographers and find inspiration for personal creative projects on Pinterest, FB groups, Tumblr etc.,  trying to really dive into fashion photography. I’m still very new and I enjoy A LOT for this journey, being motivated to drive 150+ miles every time for sessions, jumping to different locations and meet with models to work with, what can I say? It’s the most enjoyable thing I’ve ever done besides blogging for fashion.

I could do this without eating and sleeping, I mean it. 😉 From now I’ll be sharing my photography journey besides my main content on Lifedevivi, really do hope all of you would love them and give me feedbacks! ❤️

My Instagram for only my photography is here and FB page is here, I will be accepting bookings from now.

One of my favorite recent session. (more is coming!)