Dressing for your Sunday brunch date

There’s a myth about ladies who go to Sundays brunch date with your partners or girlfriends often will generate more happiness and healthier sex lives. 💯

‘REALLY? Why have I never heard of this until now…? I should start to do this more often!’
‘Nope, it’s not a fact nor a myth, It’s just a theory Vivi made up.’ 😂🤘🏻

Sorry If I have you fooled…. hehe I just want all my lovely readers to enjoy the weekend to the fullest, esp. Sunday brunches nom nom moment. This time I went to one of the most popular brunch spots in Seattle, Tallulah’s! 😋

Decor of this place is so chic and nostalgic at the same time, you had me at patterns floor! 😍 Their eggs benedict, as I mentioned a while ago on my Instagram, is absolutely top of the game… super creamy hollandaise sauce and crunchy potatoes. Oh I just wanna taste you again. 🍴

Aren’t their bar area inviting? I’m wearing my Zara khaki jacket with a black top.

Any jacket with khaki color I love it. This one is a fitted jacket so It has to be layered with a thin skin fitted top, you can as well pair this with a flirty mini skirt, which will add femininity and youthfulness. 😙

If that day is cold, just get a super skinny jeans along with your favorite OTK boots. BAM, you’re good to go with a killer brunch date look. 🙌🏻

Surrounded with all the green plants inside and out, made me feel like I was eating inside a garden. 🦋 ^ My face before food arrives, not much of a genuine smile, Vivian. 😆

Grab your phone, go on yelp and look for hip brunch spots to hang out people! It’s getting warmer and the sun is slowing coming out so there should be no hesitation 😜 Quality dine and chat time are what shape a well spend weekend. Right?



Touch of nudes

Girls, I know, spring weather has been playing around with our feelings and it gets numb sometimes. 😯 What do you usually do at home when it’s overcast and rainy like today? I always go on a dangerous mission, continuously ignoring my bank balance, aka ‘Online Shopping’. 😂

I go on buying clothes on sale whether I’m in the mood or not, what can I say? Being a woman is expensive, spring sale is happening everywhere then this outfit was born spontaneously hehe❣️

A while ago, NastyGal was going on a crazy journey before being sold to Boohoo, a big sale was going at 80% sitewide and a lot of sizes went out, obviously. I was pretty upset that NastyGal had to come to that stage in business, well, It is one of my favorite brands all time!

This wide leg pants instantly caught my eyes during the sale, it gives off such a classy and chic style. Am I too petite to wear this pants? Maybe😜 But who cares when you’re in love with how it looks on yourself?

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I would always choose a light color theme to represent my original style, it makes me feel sophisticated and fresh. Whites and touch of nudes brighten my days up, this look reminds me spring New York city.

Did anyone of you succeed in buying things you love on big spring sales? 🌸 Comment below and share your experience!