Honey mustard vibe & new haircut!

Last time getting a shoulder length haircut was about a decade ago and I hated it because it was an impulsive decision made by a 10 years old. lol! It has been a crazy journey for my hair since last year and I decided to chop off all my damaged dying hair… seriously if you have super thin hair like mine, take your time to dye and maintain. Given that everyone has different types of hair 😊

Despite I’m doing this to get my healthy hair back, I’m loving this hair length! It’s super low maintenance and it dries fast… no kidding 😂 I have pretty oily hair so daily hair wash is a must, this is saving me so much time.

^ My new favorite burger spot Shake Shake Shake… Food porn right there. Their milkshake is ahhhhmazing. 🤤

Slowly getting tanner! Garden work is so effective you know… having your own backyard could be a headache if you have 2 dogs  here to destroy 😂

Bumped into this vintage Cadillac oldie but goodie! Super friendly owner who suggested me to jump on it and take more photos hahah! Sure why not 😉



Nostalgic stroll

GUESS WHAT☀️ I’m moving to Austin in a little less than 2 months.. cannot tell you how excited I am with all the Texas heat! Ever since I came to the US about 5 years ago, I’ve spent my entire college years in Seattle, from not knowing how it’s like to live on my own in a foreign country, to now I’m ready to call this place home. It’s time to move on for a new adventure in a new city! Another house hunting is in progress 🤗

Lately, I’m dealing with so many decisions making with moving to another state and life is interesting. I want my blog to not just be about current fashion and food I like, but also personal. We all have our struggles going on in life and life is not as perfect as it seems on social media, I hope to be relatable and spread positive energy with each one of you❤️

Vintage glasses are my new favorite this summer! A lot of trends this season look familiar? I believe the 80s and 90s fashion are totally rocking these days.

This one piece wrap dress I’m wearing is from Kooding and it reminds me of a old times classic diner’s waitress look. I could totally take your order then put a pen behind my ear hahaha😂!

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Denim baby

As a person who lives for summer weather, I can’t describe how happy I am when Seattle hits 90 degrees, or even 100 yesterday!


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Big announcement will be on my next post! Vivi will try her best to update this blog as frequent as she can❤️ I’m so excited for my trip next month!



Dark flare jeans and floral blouse

Hey June, welcome back summer! The past Memorial weekend was so beautiful and I had all the perfect outdoor activities.

I never really consider myself as an outdoorsy person but when it comes to summer weather, staying in makes me sick. 😂 Vitamin D made me so active and happy outside, enjoyed kayaking and visiting animals in the zoo. Guess who’s the most pleased? MY DOGS, YAS.

My current to-go shades from Gentle Monster and sandles from Steve Madden

Skinny jeans are no longer ‘the thing’ and I found myself falling in love with flare and wide leg jeans ❣️Just be sure to buy or trim to the right length because it could be a little messy down to your feet if it gets too long, and might end up wiping the ground for the city…. 😂

Contrast colors are never extra when its above 90s,  so don’t be afraid to pick up the brightest item from your closet and let it shine! Why not🙌🏻 I loveee this flower blouse from Chuu, girly and eye catching.



Flirty Daisy

This past week in Seattle was effortlessly beautiful! I was super stoked to just stroll around the city and enjoy the warm weather 😙 …in my sun dress YASS!

I was lucky enough to do a photoshoot in my favorite area in Seattle when it was sunny out. Honestly, I cannot wait for the farmers market season where I could get a fresh bouquet for under $10!

So… while the market is not open yet until June, I decided to wear them on my dress just to celebrate this breezy warm day🌻

This backless design is soo refreshing and flirty, can literally wear this all day in summer. The front is fitting and not too revealing. For girls who are not curvy like me, this kind of dress is totally a to-go when you want to be comfortable while freeing your skin😉

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Shout out to all the classic watch lovers! Daniel Wellington‘s new petite collection got me strong at my watch game. Simple as that, just use my code ‘LIFEDEVIVI’ when you check out and you’ll get 15% off. 🖤