Weekend food hunt with Vivi – Picnik

Hey y’all, how is your long weekend going? Spending time on Netflix while going on an online shopping spree? lol 😚 On the contrary to my usual favorite activity (devour until I can’t breathe), I just started a keto diet (high fat, high protein) and have been doing better than I expected.

If you have been following my Instagram(@lifedevivi) for a while, you’ll probably notice I go to a lot of restaurants and look for impressive menus. Wherever I go, I look for places that can satisfy my picky tummy😋 This time I came across to Picnik Austin (Burnet location)!

The decor is super bright and earthy, makes you feel like in a greenhouse🥑

I chose to sit in this patio area because of this tile slash mini fountain design that caught my eyes.

Their menu is all gluten free, soy free, dairy free and corn free, perfect for customers on a diet or just prefer a healthier eating lifestyle. We ordered Harvest Hash and chicken nuggets. I’d say the Harvest Hash was wonderful and fresh, didn’t make me feel greasy or stuffy after I ate. 🍴

Overall It’s a great choice for people who want to eat out with friends & family but don’t want to worry about if the food doesn’t fit into their diet. A bonus point is, this place looks super chic and instagrammable! 😍  @picnikaustin

Gotta pose a photo with this little fountain!




Cactus land

Hey hey! I am finally back online for new updates on lifedevivi, It has been a super hectic month because I officially moved from WA to TX💁🏻 Long drive? Yes, for someone who has never been to a road trip before, it was an interesting experience lol.

I spent about a week on the road and drove about 6-7 hours per day on average, the first day was unbelievable, 9 hours straight from Seattle, WA to Redding, CA! 🤣 Hahaha I know guys, I’m very greedy and thought I could make it alive, which I barely did…..

We decided to spend a day in Phoenix during this trip since I have been obsessed with cactus and other tropical dessert plants. I knew Phoenix is a hot place but I underestimated the intensity, it was H-A-W-T. The whole day I was looking for shades with my doggies 😂 and crazy crave for water…

Yelp led me to this cute restaurant called ‘The Dressing Room‘. Despite how much I wanted to sit inside with cool AC, we had to sit outside on the patio because of our dogs, gladly the staff was so friendly and did whatever they can to cool us down. Fresh food and cocktails, great happy hour price! 🙌🏻 Check them out if you’re around Phoenix (@thedressingroomphx).

My goal in this town was to take photos with a gigantic cactus 🌵😎 (If I could bring you home to my backyard, I swear I would lol)

Love at first sight at this tropical midi shirt dress from Zara!

☝🏻 aren’t my babes so photogenic?





Launderette Austin

Austin is one of the best cities? Yessss you heard that right❤️ In fact I’m soo in love with this place, the people, the food, the fashion and one very crucial factor, the traffic. LOL!

Growing up back in Hong Kong, traffic is no joke and I just take the subway to go everywhere I wanted. While I get to drive in Seattle, it was not so bad for the first year, then I could feel more and more people are moving to work in Seattle, where it gets to a point the traffic is almost comparable to LA. 🤔 Driving in Austin is another story, sure, traffic exists but it’s understandable, you won’t get angry at all, and people DON’T HONK. How nice?

Everywhere is highway since Texas is gigantic but me likey, cuz then I can drive fast all the time🤣 hehehe, speed up speed up. Yelp and IG are definitely my guides to every intagrammable food spots, I was so lucky to come across to Launderette!

Outdoor seatings are already sooo pretty and the interior just wowed me on cloud 9. (left photo is from citygrammag because I decided to sip outside lol)

I know, I know, it looks like Pinterest cafes. The whole vibe of this spot is just inviting and amazing, color combo in the patio is the goal! 😍

What did I order first? Cocktail, because it solves everything. 😚 The food and drink here are worth it too, it’s not just about the looks….. I can be your trustworthy source when it comes to taste. The deviled eggs are so delicious!

Satisfied! 🤗

Waited until everyone’s gone in this patio so I could have some private moment…. muahahah!

I might look things are at ease and chill, deep down I’m sweating in my soul. 😂 it was over 100F and I sat outside, the Texas heat was hitting me real hard. Hate it and love it.

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Dressing for your Sunday brunch date

There’s a myth about ladies who go to Sundays brunch date with your partners or girlfriends often will generate more happiness and healthier sex lives. 💯

‘REALLY? Why have I never heard of this until now…? I should start to do this more often!’
‘Nope, it’s not a fact nor a myth, It’s just a theory Vivi made up.’ 😂🤘🏻

Sorry If I have you fooled…. hehe I just want all my lovely readers to enjoy the weekend to the fullest, esp. Sunday brunches nom nom moment. This time I went to one of the most popular brunch spots in Seattle, Tallulah’s! 😋

Decor of this place is so chic and nostalgic at the same time, you had me at patterns floor! 😍 Their eggs benedict, as I mentioned a while ago on my Instagram, is absolutely top of the game… super creamy hollandaise sauce and crunchy potatoes. Oh I just wanna taste you again. 🍴

Aren’t their bar area inviting? I’m wearing my Zara khaki jacket with a black top.

Any jacket with khaki color I love it. This one is a fitted jacket so It has to be layered with a thin skin fitted top, you can as well pair this with a flirty mini skirt, which will add femininity and youthfulness. 😙

If that day is cold, just get a super skinny jeans along with your favorite OTK boots. BAM, you’re good to go with a killer brunch date look. 🙌🏻

Surrounded with all the green plants inside and out, made me feel like I was eating inside a garden. 🦋 ^ My face before food arrives, not much of a genuine smile, Vivian. 😆

Grab your phone, go on yelp and look for hip brunch spots to hang out people! It’s getting warmer and the sun is slowing coming out so there should be no hesitation 😜 Quality dine and chat time are what shape a well spend weekend. Right?



恭喜发财-Year of Rooster🐔

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! 恭喜发财 to the year of Rooster🐔 This is literally my first time in 5 years to spend some CNY with my fambam in this this very time of the year… and I just found out I’m 犯太岁 this year (I’m a 🐶) You’ll know what I’m talking about if you’re Chinese enough lol! 😂


I’m currently in Hong Kong right now and can totally feel the hype of CNY in every corner. I would have gone to the night market everybody is raving about but nah😆 TOO CROWDED!

This photoshoot was taken at Preserve & Gather, a superrr cute cafe in Seattle. It was very sunny and it just made me happy. Decor of this cafe is so on point, I instantly fell in love with this blue glitter wall.

Do I look like an artist in this outfit? hehe😜 Floral print blouse is still going to be a big thing in 2017! So it’s time to grab your mom’s old clothes or shop around thrift stores if you’re looking for more economical options and eco-friendly LOL 🤗

This is my first time adding a wool beret into my outfit! I used to think it won’t fit me but it became a game changer 😙 super unexpected!

So much daylight.. soaking in that vitamin D!

I have a thing for looking at old photos. Can not be explained but it makes me feel curious and fulfilled at the same time, it’s weird, but I like it. Whether it’s people I don’t know or my photos with family, It’s always interesting to look at.

Looking back at my old photos with my parents, grandparents, cousins etc… It really amazed me how time flies THIS fast. They all grew much older and full of grey hair these days. 😢 Ladies&Gen, please do whatever you can to make them proud! They’ve spend all their lives taking care of and worrying about you even when you’re not aware of it. I’m very grateful I have such loving grandparents and parents to be there for me. It’s your turn now 💪🏻💪🏻

On the bright side, I can spend a little more time with them this CNY 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

I wish everyone good health, good fortune and even more gorgeous this year! 💜