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Hi World! Ni hao, nei ho, ohayo, annyeonghaseyo, hola! I established this lifestyle blog to share what I LOVE. It is about fashion, food, beauty and photography that I do. I want to try a different way to introduce myself to all of you because a typical entrance is not for me. 😂

If I am a 🍕, I would be a 7 slices Margherita (My favorite). So here are the 7 slices of info about me below. (Ready?)

  1.  I’m not Korean nor Japanese. I’m from Hong Kong and I’m a Chinese! (Get mistaken all the time because of my pale skin) I started to live abroad since I was 16 and graduated from University of Washington 2016.
  2. I’d identify myself as an artist. I’ve always been fascinated by art; Movies, music, architecture, photography etc.
  3. I love cars and driving. I don’t mind driving for hours with my playlist. Favorite cars are F-type and Range Rover.
  4. My favorite time of the day is an evening with wine.
  5. My favorite dog is CORGI while I own a chocolate lab and german shepherd mix.
  6. Music I can’t live without would be jazz.
  7. All-time color obsession: Black and white.

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