New York state of mind

3 weeks in 2018 and your girl just came back from a trip to NYC! (yay it was my first time and I grew up watching so many movies filmed in New York so I felt like a little girl again).

I struggled so much with traveling in winter weather and it’s a pain when you wanna bring 10+ outfits but your suitcase said NO. 😂 New York was just as I imagined it should be! It’s busy 24/7, people dressed like magazines, cute bars and restaurants everywhere, any corners could be a good spot for a photoshoot.

I believe you could relate to this: when it’s so cold outside and you have zero intention to go out, we decided to wake up early and explore the city during day time ONLY. At night we stayed in cozy Airbnb then order GrubHub lol! But seriously, when you’re living in central NYC there’s nothing they can’t deliver to your door, we had legit sushi, chirashi, korean pancakes etc. 😌

More pics from this trip will be up on the blog soon!




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