crushing on blush pink

You’ve stolen a pizza heart of me. 🍕 Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you are in a relationship or not, first step is to fall in love with yourself before anyone else. If you are with someone who loves all your edges and imperfections and think these are what make your perfect, let that person knows how much you appreciate and love him/her back  😉❤️

Never been a fan of chocolate (maybe I’m not from Earth?), I have very few memories of a typical Valentine’s Day. Friends around me were very serious about it and all the hype about receiving gifts and flowers. I’m genuinely happy when my boo do something he doesn’t usually do just for me because he knows I like certain things and show efforts. That’s all that counts right? 😽

After all, as a female, I still love pretty flowers… A LOT! 🤣 Honestly if you feel bad for upsetting your woman, very simple rule, buy your flowers and things are okay… along with a puppy face just in case.

Running a long term healthy and happy relationship is something everyone are looking for, maybe not now, but eventually. I do believe the best moments are the ones you don’t upload on social media, this is a main reason why I love to keep my relationship private. But if it happens to be major life events, I promise I’ll let you know. 😜

If you ask me what’s my rule of thumb about running a healthy relationship, It’d be… always appreciate what your partner does for you. It’s very easy but not a lot of people could actually do it on a daily basis. Say thank you for everything! 💞

This beautiful ruffle dress I’m wearing is from Keepsake the Label. The super light tone of blush pink and uneven hem design are the cutest combo ever😍 The simplicity is sooo my style, put on minimal jewelries, pink or coral tone makeup, you’re all ready to go girl!

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