Spin Laundry Lounge is real

First thing popped up on yelp when I searched for cute cafe – Spin Laundry Cafe! This Portland’s popular hip spot is actually a REAL laundry store. 😂 I thought all washers and dryers there were only decor but then people were taking their dirty laundry and waiting…… kinda funny huh?

First floor was washing machines and cafe, second floor was full of old time video arcades.

There were  3 types of people.

  1. Come here for laundry
  2. Work on laptops and drink coffee
  3. Take photos and stare at people (ME😜)

Their washers and dryers are gigantic! 😱 I’m pretty sure I can squeeze in for an hour long shower LOL. Sorry this is a crazy thought ….

Such a creative space! Laundry takes time to wait and you may as well have a relaxing latte and work.

The spotlight goes to the bottom left! Someone’s missing a sock 😂 I know how it feels to have uneven socks all the time…. you’re fine HAHA

I’m starting to love this type of irregular skirt! It adds so much character to the whole outfit, it’s causal yet stylish. Whether you’re just wearing a plain top or shirt, you’re still able to stand out. 🌟

Have you guys been to this interesting cafe and what are your thoughts? ☺️


Outfit: Just Like This Top & Skirt Set by Chuu


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