The good, the bad and the positivity

Hi! It has been a while since I updated a new post on my blog and Happy Late New Year!

To be honest I’ve been feeling sort of uninspired due to the coldness in PNW. *cough cough* (me as a summer girl.) Having the advantage of living in Seattle and only two hours away from BC and Portland, I decided to head down to Oregon for a short ‘end of the year’ trip (tax free is heavenly)! ❄️❄️

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First thing I want to bring up is, I’m very impressed by Portland’s infrastructure. There are tons of industrial buildings around the city and a lot of them happened to be cool restaurants and bars. The place above instantly became one of my favorite bars!

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The vibe in Victoria though! Needless to say, candle lights and that drink display decor wall won my heart. Staff was very friendly and their cocktails were so unique and refreshing. I ordered same drinks 3 times in a row…. you know what i mean 🍹🤣

Location wise it’s a quiet neighborhood area, so parking is not a problem. It also has an old time photo booth available inside the bar, don’t forget to capture moments! ❣️

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I went into this minimalistic Tea Bar spot and bumped into this Insta famous golden baby!😍💋😍 He was soooo fluffy and friendly (kept licking me i know). I felt so bad that I had to leave my doggies in the car because they would go crazy mingling. Lol!


werkin that bum bum🍑


The decor in this cafe is so on point and they have amazing matcha latte🍵 If you love matcha as much as me, can’t miss this out!

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I know, my cheeks are getting chubby in winter. All these fat and carbs are filling me in to withhold this winter. LOL. I still failed because I’m turning on two heaters in my home right now…😂🔥 transforming it into a sauna.


To have a little reflection right here. 2016 has been though a lot of ups and downs, including major changes in my life. I started my first ever lifestyle blog without a route; I graduated college and ended my 21 years of school life; I moved out from that lovely apartment with my bestie and began a new journey; Cars hated me (lol); Work permit was delayed etc.

Many more events and I gotta say.. life happens FOR you, not TO you. Despite a lot of things that could happen, which might drain and sucking the life outta you, It’s all about how you make meanings to these event. If bad things happen, alright take it as you could’ve handled it better or something better will happen for you in the future. Everyone have their stuff to deal with and only the strong ones could restrain and push through the boundaries, be genuinely HAPPY. It’s all about making positive meanings in your head. 😘🌻





💞I wish all of you starting off 2017 amazing and pretty as ever💞



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