Just a tassel moment

Seattle just had its first snow last week! Did everyone at least go out for a walk and build a snowman with your favorite people? ☃️

Vivian has been going on interviews lately and had a hard time choosing between companies to work for! I’ll update in my follwing post and discuss about my first job decision here. Hopefully I could help while sharing some of my life experience (still an amateur) 😘


I’ve been unconsciously buying a lot of greyish clothings. lol Did not realize this fact until I pay attention to my closet one day 😹 The PNW has quite a big impact on my color preference. Nude or Grey 24/7.


I love this 2 piece dress because it’s good for event dressing or just hanging out at a nice mall. It’s unique enough to turn heads around but lowkey enough to wear on normal occasions.


One more thing about this dress! The tassel on every edges.. there’s a lot going on and still appear to be simple. That’s what I like ay 😎 It gives out a sophisticated and stylish vibe!


Korean fashion has been taking my closet to next level these days and I cannot wait to show you guys more about my kfashion haul.


What do you guys think? Does 2-piece dress or overall dress appeal more to you (or you love to match top and bottom yourself)? 😊 Please comment below and I’d love to hear back from you.


Herme Tweed 2-Piece Dress




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