Lace + flowers can never go wrong


It’s Vivi’s first time having photoshoot in a home studio! Planning to have a photo studio at my own house at the future, I’ve never had an idea of how to set things up and what are the necessary equipments to buy. After I asked my photographer, I have to reconsider this idea because everything is SO expensive. LOL🤔 But! What can I do? Working at home would be my goal. hehe


My first experience about modeling in a photo studio is.. Lighting could be very tricky. You have to get used to the lighting and make use of the plain background since the focus would be solely on YOU. Been used to taking photos with different street backgrounds, having a plain wall at the back made me feel very excited. HAHA! I’ve always dream of taking editorial style photos for my blog because they look so sophisticated ☺️


^ My bangs have been growing fast and reaching to an odd length. 😂 I can’t put it left or right side because it’s not long enough but it’s poking my eyes hard. Vivian, you should have thought about this coming when you cut your bangs. So careless…. Now I’m on my way to figure out a way to not look awkward while growing it back out. Any suggestions? Beanie? 💂‍

These rose are absolutely beautiful! Very mellow and feminine. 💋


Laces clothing always goes so well with flowers, perfect combo for girls. It’s a perfect daytime party dressing to me. 😻 This dress in particular, not over-revealing because you can add layers under the dress however you want and yet, still come out very light and pretty.


For a petite size like me, this dress is right at my knee so it’s a perfect dress length, for girls who are 5’5 or taller, I believe you might find this dress too short and have to wearing legging or shorts underneath. (I’m 5’2) 😊



New Tell Tale Lace Minidress by Free people

Temperature is going to drop VERY SOON. ❄️ Don’t forget to stay warm and keep a chunky coat in your cars everyone! 😘



    • Lifedevivi
      December 5, 2016 / 2:39 pm

      speak for yourself my bae😽

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