Saint Helen’s vibe matches mine

Happy Blackfriday ladies and gen! I hope all of you had a wondering gathering dinner with fam and caught some great deals shopping. For me, big sale doesn’t excite me as much as before because when you want that thing so much, you’ll buy it no matter what price.. right? 😎 #moneyspender #bigsaleisstillcool

Last weekend I paid a visit to Saint Helen’s Cafe near UW Village, I have been longing to try this cute cafe out for a long time! 😉 It’s surprising that I used to hang out at UW Village all the time and never noticed this place… it was right across the village. Weather was pretty bad so I forgot to take a picture at the outside hehe.


Inside this place everything was on point. Especially the velvet seat, I’m absolutely in love, it just POPPED UP!



I was taking a good old 10 mins just to take a perfect picture on the table LOL. I believe a lot of you could relate to this, my friend sitting across me was crossing her arms the whole time …so impatient 😂


This cheese plate definitely deserves a close up shot. See how beautiful it looks? The jam, the apricot, the cheese…. Everything combined as a perfect picture. 😋 And of course, this tasted so good too. Blue cheese always has my heart.


This little marble table on the side tho. Server knew I was going non-stop photo shooting.. so she gave me this beautiful marble side table to put my camera on the big table. How accommodating ? 💋 Should I get this for my room?


Me as a happy foodie right there having my favorite garlic fries. 😁🍟


The entrance way was also very captivating. I love every furnitures in here. So modern and elegant…  😻

I recommend this cute cafe to anyone who loves having a nice conversation with friends, along with drinks and chill ambiance for sure.


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