Floral Choker Blouse

Hi everyone! Are you ready for the yearly shopping breeze season? Happy early thanksgiving! πŸ’‹

I just finished typing this post then network was being shitty so I lost everything. Lol… things happen right? I bet all of you know how this feels.


Good news first of all! Vivian has finally received her work visa after a LONG wait and hassles. It has been 4-5 months which has driven me nuts over times because they could easily not approve to me. But long story short! Good things come slow and worth the wait so here I am, all ready to kick some ass and be happy πŸ˜‡


Do i have exact jobs that I want to purse? Hmm can’t tell.Β I have big dreams and never want a 9-5 career. With me saying this, it doesn’t mean I’m not open to opportunities. I’m very curious and excited about what’s gonna be my first official job πŸ˜‰πŸ™ŒΒ  Growing up wanting to be a film director.. then fashion buyer.. Vivian loves a lot of things in life and this never changes hehe.


Recently I’m very into floral blouses under the influence of KRAMA. There is a drama called ‘Doctors’ played by Park Shin Hye and she wore gorgeous floral fashion items on set, which caught all my attention! 🌺🌺 They’re so elegant and lady-like.. irresistible!

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