Feelin’ 22?

When you just hit the age of 22 and had Taylor Swift made a whole song about it, you’d know how big of a deal it seems to be. 😗


Honestly, I’m not a big fan of celebration. I do love being surrounded by people I love and have a nice gathering together but have i ever thrown a party? Hmmm not really.. maybe when i was 8.


My 21 was interesting. College graduation, car broke down, moved out away from my best friend etc. A lot of unexpected events happened, and made me realise often times your attitude does determine your gratitude. Bad things happen to good people sometimes, and life goes on, so the best solution is to GET OVER IT 😜


If you’re the type of person who tend to focus on the unfortunate and take things for granted, you’ll never enjoy a fruitful life. Grow more hobbies, you’ll find one of them can take your mind off problems and give you opportunities to rethink about solutions.


This past year has been a slow progress for me, even with that, I do not take a lot of blame on myself, because why? We don’t have the power to control what happen to us, but we have 100% control of our reaction to it. Admit things you could have done better and then take actions toward it, that is all you need to do! 💃


One more important thing I’ve learnt is to always believe in yourself. We receive different types of energy from people everyday and you have to be unwavering. Not everyday are going to be amazing but you can still find good things in a bad day. If your vibe is not affected by the outside world and always remain positive, you are already wayy ahead of others. 🙌


22 is going to be another milestone and I appreciate everyone come by my blog and Instagram! This means a lot to me and leaving me comments below would be incredibly awesome 💜

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