Holy grail for daily haircare

Make each hairflip fabulous!

I’m keeping my promise today to share my current favorite haircare product to all of the beautiful ladies (YES, you!) ❤️

Being a very-lazy-to-do-self-maintenance girl, trying to do a hair mask every other day at home does not work very well for me. For ladies who have extreme fine and weak hair like me, here is a great product to try!

Red ginseng energizing hair oil by LLang   😉   The best thing about this hair oil is, it is NOT GREASY, not even a little bit, yet very moisturizing and you could feel your hair is shining right after you applied a little amount to the end of your hair. I have tried a lot of other hair oil products and it became oily very easily after application. Now this, you can apply it before you go out, after shopping, before seeing your crush and get set for that magical hairflip… I’m kidding 😜  But yes, basically anytime you want. It only costs $21 on yesstyle. Affordable and portable.

I do not promote or do ads here. So relax! I tried it, love it, then share it. If you have dry and thick hair, this might not be the right product for you!



-go back to a bowl of sunshine a day!

Thanks for reading ❤️


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