Confidence & Insecurity within us

If you’re about to do something to impress a man, don’t.

Hi ladies,

After a hectic graduation period and family trip, i came back to continue on sharing my thoughts with all of you, finally! I’m sorry for the long wait again, i want to deliver quality content when i am ready, not when i have spare time and ramble.

I have been listening to a lot of friends of mine who have hard times dealing with their own insecurities, most of them are females, while a lot of my male friends are considered VERY confident, ha! (soothe a down a little guys :p)

What are some common insecurities of my female friends? Appearance and body shape are the biggest factors. Yes, men love to look at beautiful things, especially gorgeous women. It’s in their genes. You have to know if a guy dates a gorgeous women without a high quality personality for a while, they’d be bored and want to get rid of it. Appearance & body shape have expiration date, and personality do not, it just gets better by years, like wine. I’m not here to say a woman should not take care of their appearance, it is VERY important as well, but do not put it as your first priority to impress men.

Do not compare yourself to the rest, you are you, an unique and beautiful individual. If wrong a man goes, a right one comes. Why get so worried about losing someone? If you constantly finding yourself have to impress a man to get attention, you’re probably dating the wrong guy. Learn to love yourself and believe in it. You create what you believe and your vibe will change accordingly. There will always be people who are prettier and sexier than you physically, but they are not you. When you respect yourself enough, the rest will goes with it. 

Ladies, take no shit and stay on your ground, no one can take what you deserve unless you let them.


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