Restaurant review: Suika Seattle


I heard about this japanese izakaya/tapas place a long time ago and came across it on Yelp again with a 4.5 star rating, so i decided to give it a try and see if it’s THAT good.

This is the most popular dish from this restaurant! Uni shot! I have never tried uni before because i heard it has very extreme taste.. so i did not have the guts to try it! This uni shot tasted like fresh sashimi to me, there are seaweed, salmon roe, vinegar, raw egg, something something and uni! Haha! Not bad i enjoyed this and it only costs $6 each shot during happy hour.

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This is tuna tataki. 10 out of 10! DROOLING ALL OVER.. I do not know what exactly did they add to the sauce but it is absolutely delicious and worth trying. I went crazy on this dish because of the sauce 🙂

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Apart from tuna tataki, I also ordered tuna & avocado salad and kimchi & mentaiko udon. Tuna avocado salad was also yummy because of their SAUCE. Something about the freshness of their sauce is soooo addicting! Believe me. For the kimchi mentaiki udon, it was not as good as i expected, the taste was mild and i was looking forward to two extreme taste mixing together. So it was a 7 out of 10 to me while the texture of udon added back one point. Hehe

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Very cool interior and this is their signature wine bottles decoration! I love how it gives off a mysterious, industrial and modern feeling. None the less, it’s worthy to give it a try as a japanese fusion restaurant down in Capital Hill area.


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