Positivity & catch up on my life

Spring is finally here ladies! I took a break again for this blog because starting a photography business in a new city is a HUGE challenge and I’ve never spend this much time and effort into a single aspect in my life, yet still feel like not working hard enough. It’s my wake up call for not achieve anything I can be proud of-  for almost 2 years I graduated from college. There are a lot of talkers in the world and I was one of them, seeing myself greater than others but in fact, I’m not. OK this is so straight up haha. After I started doing photography it actually helped me a lot with how I see myself and others, I became more open-minded and fearless (I’m still afraid of heights). And I want to share with y’all few things I’ve learned.

you can’t change what you refuse to confront

We tend to be easy on ourselves and lie. We say we don’t pre-judge people but we do all the time, I say I don’t have an attitude but I do. Admit what issues you have and act on improving it. Often times we tend to point our fingers to other people who we THINK are worse and make ourselves feel better and that’s toxic. Be real with yourself.

stay humble & hungry

Sounds cliche, but I still love the meaning of it. There will be moments where you feel your work are the BEST, but honestly, it’s not really. I’m not saying this to destroy your self confidence- being confident about your work is essential but not arrogant. There are a lot of people working their asses off out there like you and often times a lot of things are subjective, especially art. Meanwhile, keep improving your skills, make better contents and help more people out.

go the extra mile

Everyday, give yourself affirmation and push further. Don’t go around wonder how A-list bloggers, photographers, creative bosses about how they made it and why aren’t you as successful already. There is a reason for everything, I’m sure they spend countless hours working behind the scene and only show you valuable content. Don’t think as you’re spending TOO MUCH effort but receive nothing back, it will go around and believe it. Experience is never a loss.

positivity always wins

Building a brand, having your own business is not easy and it could drain you down mentally & physically. I’m struggling here with all of you but I’m content about whether I booked a client today or not. My patience jar used to run out super quick but right now, I refill it daily lol. Great things do take time. Think of it in your clients shoes, do you want to work with a driven & happy person or someone who complains and cares about his/her own feelings but not yours?

I hope I brought into some positive energy into your day! Other than all these tips that are slowly transforming me into my better self, there are books I absolutely enjoyed reading these past few weeks.

Crushing it 

Gary Vee is a huge inspiration of mine whenever I feel discouraged and lazy, I go watch his videos. This is an amazing read and resourceful, if you want a few pushes into your business journey, go get it!

The 7 levels of Communication 

I’m still reading this and so far it has taught me a lot about how to communicate better and build relationships. Communication effectiveness is a weakness of mine and I can’t wait to see how I can apply these new knowledge into life.

Emotional Intelligence 2.0

This is a MUST-HAVE for everyone, it doesn’t matter if you’re into entrepreneurship or not, this book will help you a lot in life and you will keep coming backing for this.


Alright guys, this is what I have so far for you. If you’re afraid of what people think of you, then don’t start this journey. Haha!